Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long Christmas Weekend Post.

First off, we spent the weekend in Nashville. It was splendid. Just the holiday we all needed. I'm pretty sure were making plans for next year already. :]
We started off shopping and I bought alot. It was a big thrill. I told myself I was only going to buy some of those fashion books I wanted...but when daddy handed me a benjamin...I went a little wild and skipped out on the books.

Then, we ate at Old Hickory Steakhouse. AMAZING.

Then, my brother and andy decided to take me around and show me all the make out hiding spots they found in November...and we stopped while Trey and Andy played piano. People in their balconies clapped.

Then, we went the room, went to sleep, and woke up to what santa brought.

My parents and I went to get breakfast in the hotel only to find, they closed off breakfast. So we had to to go to the only place open...shoneys. It wasnt so bad...3 waitresses walked by us and never brought us drinks. The manager did after my dad went and told we got our meals free!
Then, we went back to the hotel room to find trey and andy just waking up and I changed back into pjs(but different pjs) to open up gifts. Its not the same unless Im in pjs. I wanted to include this picture bc mom took it while I was putting a skirt on.I think its hilarious. My brother got more but Im not posting those pictures.
I got clothes(but I decided to not post all those), grr bestey johnson footed tights, Miss Dior Cherie perfume, anddd alot alot of other cool stuff but if i list and post all the pictures it'll take too long.

There was alot of gifts to be in the hotel room. And mother wanted to do more!
Anyway, then we went to ICE!

Funny story: while we were about to go down the slide...we were blowing our breath in the air, cause we could see it...there was this woman in front of us. My brother accidentally blew her hair in a ruffle..we all looked at each ther and went "all together now! 1,2,3.." and blew really hard on the back of this womans head! Even though, she had a pixie cut, her hair flew right up as high as it could. I watched in awe, as she turned around and just giggled. She then sat down to go down the slide, and we sent her off with a big gigantic blow of breath from each of us. :]

I quoted his whole speech.

And no matter what the theme of ice is, we never forget the whole reason for the season.
Then we walked around and trey thought he was cool with his chocolate cigar. He wasnt. I had a strawberry and chocolate pastry. [YUM]

8,000 dollar mirros. made with swarovski crystals. Santa, Ill be reeeallllyyyy good this year I promise ;]
We had Christmas dinner at this place in the hotel. It was good. it wa slike this buffet, and then they also gave us free access to the sushi bar. :] I had both! They were both awesome. And Ive never had sushi for Christmas dinner, but my brother and I had been talking about sushi all weekend. mmm.

Worst face ever. I dont know WHAT I was making that face for. lol.
Amazing little pastry thing. It was raspberries inside of  either cheesecake or white chocolate. Idk. Tiny pie though.

Oh yeah, I PROMSE I think we saw the real santa. :] He had a soft perfect white beard with soft shiny white long shoulder length slight curled at the ends hair. He was bald on top as well. He looked perfect. He was even wearing a red turtleneck. AND he had rosy cheeks. Andy and I stared in amazement like we were 5 again.
Then, the next day, we shopping again!! :D I of course went back and bought two of the fashion books I wanted. Then, we had to drive 4 hours and I had to go straight to work. The day after Christmas. But the next day was full of fun memories with some friends. :]

Taylor Lautner. Mmm. ;]
How was your Christmas?

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