Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby,it's cold outside

Gah I feel really behind..Christmas was awesome. I have lots to discuss... and until I can get away from life and maybe make a decent post...

It's been super cold. As it should be, its almost January..but..its memphis..and to me..there is no difference between Memphis, Tn and Memphis, Egypt. It gets super hot.

I am enjoying the cold weather and looove coats. Here are a few of my favorite wintery pictures from this past season. Enjoy!

I love everything about this picture. I want her coat. I love her pose. She 's got that old style charm.
Well, Until next time loves,



  1. Loove these winter looks esp. Chanel's coat and the light pink fur one. I'll take any of these pieces! xo, Mel

  2. Love that last picture, especially the coat...the poofy shoulders, good post miss...;)


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