Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend

Super tired. Pics to post later.
This was me this past summer on the way to get a fareaking coach bag

Omg I freaking love my youth group. SO much fun was had tonight at our youth christmas banquet. I love how we dont need anything but to be together to have a good time. Tonight, after eating, we played volleyball across the table with a plastic cup, haha. Good times.
This isnt a fashion post, but its my blog and Imma make it personal tonight :]

I cant even describe how amazing my youth group is. Were too close, we fight worse than brothers and sisters. Were so goofy, were most of the time going too far with jokes. Were WAY too loud...


I have had the chance of being around other youth groups...
I've never seen so much talent in one youth group, so much passion in one youth group, so much dedication to the youth group, so much emphasis on worshiping God in a youth group, or so much caring for one another in a youth group. They always understand what each other is going through, and even when they dont, they always try to understand. They always are thinking about bigger and better for each other.
-If someone in the youth groups starts dating a deadbeat loser who treats em like crap, people in the youth group treat that deadbeat loser like crap to make them run off, because they dont want to see anyone with nothing but the best.

I dont think I ever could have made it through everything Ive gone through without you guys!

Here's to holidays with friends and happy memories!
This post is dedicated to my youth group.

We started out so young. We were told we'd never even HAVE a youth group. But look at us..all these years and were growin up and STILL together!

xoxo Happy Weekend!

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  1. Looks like a great group! So nice to have them around you.

    I'm happy your family liked the meal! Have a nice sunday :)


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