Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is the sound

Bonjour fellow fashionistas and glamazons! My name is madison but you can call me Madi. I have decided that its about time I start doing this blogging thing after constantly taking in everything about fashion that I possibly can and getting on my friends' and customers' nerves by talking about it 24/7. :] So here I am to share all kinds of tips and projects and secrets with you! Yay for prettynessss. How bout a rock jump to celebrate?

No? Too much? Im loving the chunky knits this fall. They totally scream fun and cozy, yet sooo zoe! Im also totally smitten with those fringe studded ankle boots I picked up for five bucks at forever21! They make me feel like dancing. And ignore the wrong dates on the pictures pleaseee.

So I guess to start off I should give off some random facts about me followed by some photo lovin. Hows 5? K? K!

1.  I am petit. I am 5'0 3/4-and yes I count the 3/4.
2. I canNOT resist a good sequin, rhinestone, glitter, or metallic. Im like a child. Sparkly gets me everytime.
3. I took martial arts this past year. It was judo to be exact. I was in a class of all men and boys. Very empowering.
4. Im obsessed with taking pictures of everything. One of  my favorite things to do is  play 'photoshoot' :]
My friend T.J. and I like to go to this particular alley in a particular spot and play around with our cameras and different poses.
5. I have no idea how this blog will turn out but I rather enjoy this even if it is only the first post >.<

My outfit Sunday morning. I felt really tired and it amazes me that this was how I felt I was bumming. Forgive the bag. I dont know why I have that expression on my face either. ha ha.

Headband-The Icing Tank-Burlington Sweater-Charlotte Russe, Belt-Charlotte Russe, Skirt-T.J Maxx, Shoes and Bag-Charlotte Russe
Black tights are one of my go-to styles this fall.  Broacade and Animal are also huge right now. Charlotte is getting in some pretty rad broacade frocks in. Haha. Mel . "Broacade Babies!! I wanna have broacade babies" Love. :]

This long first post is a reflection of me. I have alot to say. Hope you enjoy. xo.


  1. Absolutely love it Madi (: Next post, you should totally teach people how to throw a really cute outfit together for a cheap price. Be a good time to teach people how to stretch their money since the economy is bad right now.

    But it's really cute so far <3 Loving it! Keep it up girl

  2. haha.

    I wanna have little brocade babies with this dress!

    I can't believe I said that...but now I say I want to have babies with a bunch of clothes...Im a big trashy ho.


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