Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be Bright

So today! I woke up this morning in a very inspired mood! I am also fffreezing! And I have been super pumped about hollidays! All glittery and warm and furry and fat and happy and cheery. *sigh* mmm. :] Im an addict. Take note of all these lovely goodies. Wishlist? Perhaps. Some of these will make for pretty sweet DIY projects...and I'm a sucker for do-it-yourself. 

The two grey winter shoes below coco+kelley posted she says would be amazing DIY's with faux pom poms and a felted wool cuff added to a current bair of boots. I whole heartedly agree. They are too yummy.

*Shoes by Brian Atwood* (He is genius. He should be at least since for a while before launching his own shoe brand, he was shoe designer of Versace) via collette

*Shoes by Omelle*

This next purse by lanvin (image via the glamourai 's new  DIY site) is ahhhmazing. Perfect for toting around the holidays. She says to weave some kind of fabric through a chain handled purse. You should be able to find one for less at a less expensive retail store. I know Charlotte Russe carries a cute one not quite as big. Im thinking maybe spray paint it if you didnt want plain black.

Next on my list... :] HATS! I dont remember where I got these images from but they sure are cuuuteee. Season one of gossip girl featured jenny in a really cute soft pink beret with all kinds of little beads rhinestones and pins. I died. I believe this was it ^^^...However I'd like it with more pearls and rhinestones.

notice the M on this beret to the left ;]

Even just a brooch on a 1 dollar beanie from dollar general would work. Here Blake Lively is from a nylon magazine shoot. Obviously she didnt wear a cheap dollar beanie but you get the jist.

Ive also been seeing the mini top hats and I heart heart heart them. 
I could go on and on all day but I do have lots of cleaning in la boudoir. I probably will post later because I told someone I would do a certain post. Until next time loves, adu! P.S. Gorgeous DIY beaded tights inspired by the Doo.Ri A/W '09 tights. instructions here.


  1. Amazing shoes! Love this post!




  3. i LOVE those grey booties, they are amazing.


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