Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Procrastinationnnnnnnnn at its finest

Hello, lovelies. Thanksgiving is upon us and we all have lots to do! Me, I have to pack. Every year my youth group goes to this youth convention thats national. Its really big and thousands of people attend. Theres always excellent preaching to be heard, blessings to be gotten, people to meet, music to be heard, fun to be had, deals to be shopped for at the local mall(last year  company I wont name made a mistake and said their clearance shoes were 2.99 and the whole store was buy 1 get one 1/2 off, so we got shoes for 1.49!!) and... :] hair and fashion to be played with!! All the young people dress in their best (many girls go out and buy new wardrobes) and fix their hair to the highest exent and in the latest styles.  will make sure to take pictures of outfits and hair throughout the week to post. Its at the Opryland hotel in Nashville this year and,of course, its going to be beautiful and Christmas like! I SOOOO CANT WAIT!
Now, every year I'm the one who gets in trouble for having the heaviest and most luggage. I try to say that since Im the pastor's daughter I get leeway, but it doesnt work. My suitcase explodes the minute I open it because I always overpack and fret about what I am going to take. I told myself I was going to pack the bare minimum this year and come back with even more goodies. BUT we all know thats a big fat lie and it'd be a miracle if actually happened. ESPECIALLY since Ive done nothing but buy more and more the past few days. SOOO many outfits..so little time...

Now while Im procrastinating packing (were leaving tomorrow morning) Im going to post a few outfits from the past week. Im thinking about taking the blue and pink and the red buffalo plaid for causal at the conference. (Id wear the blue and pink with a jean skirt instead of that blue one)

Nerdies+knock off docs from walmart for 12 bucks!= <3

Chris thought he was hilarious. I do love this picture though.

*notice the cheesy mirror image*

I hate that skirt with that purple dress. Its actually a bubble skirt but I turned it inside out for the bubble on the bottom effect. Im gonna try to add some brown lace on the bottom or find a slip dress that goes right below my knee.

And just for some inspiration for me to look at later....(im gonna try to rock some of these trends while there)

Wish me luck on my outfits! Who knows maybe I'll meet a cute guy?? *wink wink* :]
Until next time cheries!



  1. I love your ruffle shirt and those pictures you posted are awesome! I, like you, have a serious procrastination problem as well but we always get the job done in the end. I hope you have fun on your trip and enjoy the holidays. Thanks for the follow! :)

  2. that buffalo plaid blouse is adorable on you! love the ruffles. i also love your doc marten KOs- i need to scour wal mart for my own pair! ~joelle


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