Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good Morning!

Here I am up at the butt crack of dawn. I am ready to gooooooooooooo! My luggage is way overpacked as always (I had to sit on both suitcases to zip them up) and I am rockin the fur vest. Pics to come later today perhaps. Im so excited! I was a bit reluctant this year. Alot of my long distance bff's wont be there and my face also looks like target practice. BUT>>meeting new people awaits and my personality is bigger than my current skin problem. =]

I just love these images. They are so me and my girls.

Tee Hee. Megan told me last night that she got so frustrated over what to take to wear, she broke down and started bawling crying! Hahahaha!! She was screaming at her mom "EVERYONE'S GOING TO LOOK BETTER THAN ME!!" (and let me just say Megan ALWAYS dresses cute! Even when she's 'bumming') Then on the phone she goes " Yeah I ended up packing some really cute outfits" I laughed so hard. LOVE YOU MEGAN :]

May I just say I want every yummy item in this shoot??!!
Faux Fur+Sequins=<3



  1. oooooh love the faux fur & sequins! my two obsessions at the moment :)

    ♥ Hannah



  2. These images are divine!!! Love the old school suitcases and the ladies waving goodbye on the train. I live for those 1930's moments...just lovely :))

  3. Meeting new people is always nice! And these are lovely photos too, I nearly want every item from the shoot as well! Have a nice weekend :)

  4. looove that first photo!!

    the other ones are wonderful toooo!!


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