Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool Cat

Well Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!! :]
I hope it was splendid for every one of you Turkeys out there!!!
I have been out of town and not had time to post; but let me tell you something, dolls! I ate so much I thought I was going to have roll instead of walk! There was so much food, there were 13 desserts alone....ALONE. THATS NOT EVEN THE BIG GIANTIC DINNER BUFFET THAT WE HAD!!!! Of course we fed a lot of people, but everyone could have had leftovers for days. I will have pictures of the whole shebang up soon. :] For now I wanted to post and not feel like I was abandoning this little behbeh.

So cats. Catwoman. Cat Burglars. <3 (I actually hate cats as in housecats, but we'll say I'm talking about our more fabulous, large-and-in-charge furry feline friends. See: Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Panthers, oh my!!! ;] )
My friend and I have a little running joke that I'm catwoman in the D.C. world.
And who wouldn't want to be her? This version I mean, of course. Gorgeous!

And Felicia, The Black Cat in the Marvel world.

Comics anyone?
It started when I was a jewel thief for halloween, you see.
Very Catwoman-esque, the whole stealing and lurking around. (No, I didnt really steal anything. I'm sorry to disappoint you, loves. But you know, you can't just be taking things too far!!!)
Even Katherine Hepburn had a pet leopard in Bringing Up Baby, which I am still dying to see. Can you just imagine?!
And so when I came across this little spread, I was delighted.
Via, these photos and fashionising's own little prelude article are just puuurrrrfect. ;)
The styling drew me in like a thief to diamonds! ;) Too cool not to share. Read on, kitty cats.

"Attach two small, pointed feline ears to the top of anything and the transformation is instant. Ever wondered why?

Cat’s prowl. They stalk. They can purr with a quiet, knowing satisfaction or with a low rumble of just-try-me. Unlike human follies, feline error always lands on its feet. These things are all the strengths of association. They’re why we see cat-like details as powerfully seductive and dangerous, yet maddeningly sweet. You don’t have to be a cat-lover to make those mental associations.
And so we get to this shoot from Glamour Spain. Model Luize Salmgrieze is cat woman, cat burglar, sex kitten. Unlike the bunny ears that were such a trend a few years ago, the cat ears lick clean the whimsical quirk and replace it with an injection of vintage cool. Mapi Vidal’s styling couldn’t hit the nail more precisely on the head: it’s swinging ’60s meets decidedly modern and it’s the kind of subtle thematic styling that you don’t have to save for halloween."

Glamour Spain December 2011

There's no stopping me now, kittens.
I'm hooked on this feline frenzy and I'm going to have to find a hat like this!
Maybe I'll steal one when I steal more jewels.

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