Friday, November 18, 2011

SnapShots of the Week

 My brother and I helping paint our first church building that my dad pastored. (We have a new building now. Same church. new facility.)
Gingerbread Hot Chocolate at IHOP.
Go try one,

Chocolate Mousse
(I know you think that I'm a fatty by now, and I am. Don't judge me, cause you're totally droolin over that Chocolate Mousse right now, aren't you? Mhm. That's right.)

 I was wearing a red ladylike midi circle skirt from H&M. The shirt is Rave and the scarf is F21.

 My dear friend, T.J. was in the hospital. He was discharged while I was there. Thank God he's alright! I got the text from a mutual friend and jumped out of bed and I hurried to his side. You can't let friends know how much you love them enough! And I brought him a Captain America Comic. <3
After I drooled over these....

 And just for good measure...something that makes me smile.
Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Madison!

    You look so cute with your brother!
    I am drinking a fatty fatty chocolate myself now, otherwise I would be jealous!!:D
    I like a lot your shirt and scarf!

    Great outfits and patterns!

    Stories and Sequins

  2. Hi gorgeous!
    Your hair looks amazing!
    And I neeeeed all those books!


  3. you look great!! thanks for commenting on my blog.

    following you from now.


  4. Your blog is so cute! Congratulations!! :D


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