Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Evening, Gentlemen. This post, tonight, is for you. While I had planned to hold myself back and only discuss sweaters, because this could turn into a marathon post of the likes of which neither you or I have the time for, I will just have to trudge on and share...a lot. So bear with me because I don't have a lot of time.
Now, Some guys like sweaters. Some don't like sweaters. You should. The right sweater on a guy can look so so handsome. You need confidence. And to help you, I'm going to offer some of the fall 2011 sweater trends and looks to inspire you. Try some out!
Dolce and Gabbana
One of the big color trends this fall was red. Here, Dolce and Gabbana continued that trend with a red and black striped sweater and red jeans. My suggestion is not to go with the matching pants to the color, although it is adorable here. My suggestion here isn't so much red, as it is to do a striped sweater! They're sporty, classic, and so on point right now. Almost anyone can pull one off, you just need to try out different silhouettes to make sure which works for you.

Perry Ellis fall 2011
 The Chunky Oversized Cardigan
Note: I don't condone you walking around without a shirt underneath your cardi, boys.
a plaid shirt or a solid will work just fine.
This is a carryover from other seasons, which means that the chunky cardigan is one of the classic staples that every guy needs.
Pair them with tailored jeans(doesn't necessarily mean skinny, just means your jeans fit!) and combat boots for a trendy, masculine feel or with loafers for a preppy, laid back vibe.
I personally love the off-white and the navy version of this type of sweater.

If it's too hot where you are, opt for a Grandpa Cardigan. Classic, clean, and ultra-popular, these cardigans work with everything from button downs to striped tees to screen tees.

 I don't know if a lot of you who read this will be diving into this trend but for the sake of sharing, just in case...
Nordic sweaters came back and started to become big last fall.
They're preppy and definitely on trend right now.
 via The Sartorialist
Ralph Lauren

Now, before we discuss suits and ties, I think we should cover jackets.
But before all of that, here is what you need to know:
Think about classics but you can add fresh twists.
And you don't have to have a lot of money because most of these pieces can be found in vintage shops or your grandfather's closet.

1. The Velvet Blazer.
I cannot even stress to you how luxurious, classy, and essential the velvet jacket is to a man's wardrobe.
It's been my belief for a while, and much to my happiness, when I got to IBC, one of the teachers who likes to dress well was stressing this belief while wearing one in a regal shade of navy blue.
A quote from another blogger who has fab taste:
"So don't just think fall/winter means wool and cashmere, take a risk and mix velvet into your wardrobe. I guarantee you'll get compliments, it's a fabric people always want to wear but not many actually do it. Take a risk and buy a nice velvet blazer for fall and it can be dressed up and down, you'll definitely get some miles out of it."
Add one to khakhi.
Add one to grey pants.
Add a velvet jacket to nice jeans.
It's one thing to look impeccable, it's another thing to make impeccable look effortless.
That is the key with this piece.

Tom Ford

(This one is a curdoroy blazer but the idea is the same)

The Tweed Blazer.
What can I say?
Classic and so on trend!

via The Sartorialist

Ill be back with suits and just some awesome inspiration from The Sartorialist.

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