Thursday, September 15, 2011

With A Classic Kind of Sassy

"Why don't we stay up all night, Friday and not be able to function on Saturday?!"
Said my HILARIOUS friend, Megan, who was referring to the night when we shall be making fabulous hair accessories to sell on Saturday at a town fall celebration nearby.
She must have lost her dang mind, children.
However, I know that I've lost my mind typing this because that's probably what's going to happen.
And then, it's a birthday for Mumsy where everything is pink black and white with sparkles on Sunday Afternoon.
Sparkles in the daytime?
Why yes, darlings!
It's cause we're that classic kind of sassy, my mother and I.
It runs in the family and makes the men in the family run.
(I know they're just jealous) :p
P.S. Isn't Blair's outfit dreamy? I can't stop drooling over it. :O---
And I could slap someone over that bag. But I won't.
Anywhoo, so, I'm off for this weekend.
I hope you all have an incredible one!!!!
Relax cause you deserve it.
You do look beautiful erryday. And quite frankly, it's a little tiring being fabulous you sometimes, but someone has to make this world sparkle a bit brighter...
Btw, Thank you for all of the comments and shoutout to the new followers.
You seriously make my day.
Peace and Manolos.


  1. Beautiful! :)

  2. Amazing photos, love them <3


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