Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Words of Wisdom:  Don't let conflict stay in your life. Fix it and move on. Repair your friendships because we all need a friend. We have to stick together. Read Proverbs 6:1-6

I read the scripture this morning and it hit me. I thought I'd share that.
Photographer: Tommy Ton
From: Paris Fashion Week.

Every season we count on our faithful sartorial superhero, Tommy Ton, to capture the best of the best at fashion week. I find this image absolutely riveting. The colors and the way the fabric flows just reach out and grab my interest! That orange is hot!!! Also, The stones in that clutch are gorgeous! I have many more pictures to post but today will be a short post. Im going to try to spend the day cleaning and sifting through my closet. Im still viewing the couture collections and grabbing my fav's. My computer is going kind of slow lately and were getting new internet tomorrow so it could be a bit of a process. Thank you to everyone who has been commenting and following though. You all are wonderful. Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. thanks for sharing that scripture! i love it!

  2. omg those bracelets are killer! tommy ton always gets the best fashion photos


  3. thats a beautiful photo

  4. the orange detailing is stunning!! Great accessories :)

    Come follow my blog hun :)

  5. Amazing pic! I follow you too thanks for visiting and following

  6. Perfect mix of stones and colour, makes me want to play dress up.

  7. I do love the stones in the clutch - wow. I enjoy pretty much all religious texts for a little applied wisdom every now and then. Glad it did the trick for you :)

  8. what a clutch!!!!! love it:D



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