Friday, July 8, 2011

Too Cool for Classic

Burberry Blue Labels SS 11 lookbook

Glamour Magazine 1967

Glamour April 1967

Marc by Marc Jacobbs SS 11

Tory Burch SS11

Stripes! Maybe it's too late for me to post this. I dont really care!
Ive been inspired right from the pages of Glamour Magazine.
And from F21 today.
It's still summer and I cannot get enough.
It's the middle of summer actuallyyyyyy
I'm going to a fish fry in the country tonight.
That's right.
Good ole sweet tea, fried fish, cole slaw, french fries, and hush puppies!!!
I'm praying to God someone makes peach cobbler, too. My tongue would roll out of my mouth, probably.
Besides, sushi of course.
So today, I headed into work at 7 :30 A.M. to move Mannequins and boxes.
It's riveting, I know.
BUT, I quite enjoy working mornings. And I enjoy work because I love all the possibilities I have to style a customer. She walks in and tells me her story and where she's going. (Yes, in the south, everyone tells you their life story. It is necesary for me to know their business so I can them find an outfit. Why? Noone actually really knows. But I keep up with my customers' lives. We build relationships that way)
And we take a journey around the store as I learn her likes and dislikes.
She agrees to try new things and get out of her comfort zone.
I agree to not bling her out, though that is my favorite thing to do.
And sometimes she we disagree. Sometimes we agree.
Sometimes I try to force customers and my associates to buy things that I love because I already spent MY money. So I vicariously try to shop through them.
But she leaves happy and smiling because she looks fabulous.
And thats what its all about!
The whole experience of working in a mall is quite enjoyable. 
Yesterday, I was having an ok day. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't amazing. 
Then, I went on break and got a new Coconut Mocha Frap from Starbucks (which was divine), heard some kickin blues music as I waited for it, read some great words about faith and artistry mixing, and saw colors and textures in store windows. It's a beautiful sensory overload.
And it lifted my mood instantly. 
And sometimes its all a load of crap and I want to strangle people.
 Sometimes, when youre tired or grumpy, you just need a pick me up.
Go out and see things. Taste things. Get inspired!
That's my challenge to you this weekend, whether youre tired and grumpy, or not.
Just get inspired!
Oh and go pick up some colorful stripes this weekend because you need it.
(I'm forcing a purchase on you. Feel the peer pressure.)
Have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. Oooh, I'm loving the stripes, especially the maxi dress and the vintage pieces! Sounds like you have a great job! I imagine it's also quite rewarding to style people who would otherwise be lost on what to wear. And Starbucks always cheers me up, no matter what. Lovely blog :)

    You can now also follow Haute World on Twitter @haute_world. Hope to see you there!

  2. You have a lovely blog :)


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