Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Through Your Eyes

Ive been sick today! XP
I had to leave work and I was so upset because I was gonna work a long day and I wanted the moneys :]
oh well.
I came home and turned on Valentino: The Last Emporer and stalked as my throat suffered with agonizing pain. *coughcough*

But I needed to share this with you. My good friend, Elizabeth, who isnt a blogger but enjoys beauty in her own right-and I thoroughly enjoy when she sends me a tip or wants to go shopping for something-sent me word about this gorgeous editorial Emma Watson did for Vogue July and insisted that I see it. Upon seeing this, I fell and in love and decided to share. Its luxurious, fresh, classy, and beautiful. Check it out:

I love a good spread and I love luxury like this. Emma Watson looks gorgeous. And can we talk about that...rose gold is it? Rose gold has been one of my most favorite metals for a long time. Ive been very happy to have been seeing it everywhere lately. At work, I try to force people to buy rose gold jewelry. I recently bought a watch in rose gold.
Pretty dandy.

Lastly, Id like to give a shoutout to the birthday girl, CINDY WHITEHEAD!
Shes a super rad stylist who has a way rad blog. Check her out!

Im off to Texas in the morning, sore throat and all.
Idk when ll be able to post again, but hopefully soon.
Until then,
Au Revoir!



  1. i hope you feel well soon.. lovely pictures by the way x

  2. Ok i have to admit, that the shoot is amazing and i quite like her with the short hair. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm now following you, follow me back if you want! xx

  3. this extract is so beautiful, all the images are so glamorous. i love the gold in the dress in the fourth image :)

    Mollie from


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