Sunday, June 5, 2011

God is Good

Today is the 16th anniversary of the church that my dad pastors. Its been a long,hard road full of sacrifices but definitely worth seeing lives changed and knowing that I always have a place to go that I can find support. All glory and thanks be to God. You may not be religous but you can definitely agree in celebrating hard work dedication and sacrifice.

My dad was a drug addict and alcoholic. He knew he was called to pastor but ran from it. He tried to at least. LOL. People looked at him and would have said that he wouldnt have a future. But he knew he did and gave up that life. He found God in a church here in Memphis Tn and got the Holy Ghost. He met my mother at that church and married her. They had my brother and I and pretty soon after years of praying, they knew it was time God wanted them to start the church.

We started out in a small building that wasnt much of a building. It had a sway back roof and needed a lot of repairs. LOL. My dads office was a freezing in the winter and a sweatbox in the summer. Tons of mice came through and we even had a cat chase a mouse and fall through the ceiling during my dad's preaching. Haha. But we had good times and saw many lives changed and genuine miracles take place. I got baptized in that building and decided I would live for God there. We built our new building in 2012 and it is beautiful. People tried to tell us that we would never have a youth group or a church choir. Our choir director at the time didnt know how to play piano and prayed that she could learn over night. She learned chords and a song over night and got a choir together. God blessed it and We've since been named best choir among the Pentecostal church choirs in Memphis. (We love good music and Worship to God) We also have a youth group and are growing.

It goes to show that it takes faith and determination and you can achieve anything. There have been times that it has been rough. We didnt know where money was going to come from. Money comes from saints who give in the offering and pay their tithes (which according to the bible is very important and necessary. You better pay tithes if you want to be blessed. If you give you WILL receive more than you gave! Its the law of giving) and sometimes it didnt look good. The church needs money to run on. Electricity and bills have to be paid. Ministry things have to go on. Like helping needy people and reachnig the community. Pastors arent rich. If they are its because God blessed them. They sure didnt start out that way. lol. And they cant do it by themselves. BUT GOD ALWAYS CAME THROUGH AND WE NEVER GAVE UP EVEN WHEN WE FELT LIKE WE WANTED TO. And we became stronger and grew.

Dont ever give up. :] Believe.
Im going to celebrate!
Happy Sunday!

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