Friday, June 10, 2011

Make A Move

Emma Stone for Elle. Adore!
Im all about prints and mixing different sizes of the same print. ESPECIALLY when its polka dots and ESPECIALLY when its black and white. Shes so nerdy too, which is what I love about her.

Im off to take a huge nap and spend this afternoon planning and sorting with tons of my clothes. Ill be back with an outfit or two to post. Gonna be going to Texas soon. I cannot wait to hit up Zara. Imma be all over that. First, I want to make room in the closet that is OVERFLOWING with all kinds of things that I do not wear. Yard Sale soon?
Most definitely. Im also planning on redoing my bedroom here and my bathroom.
If youre into Interior Decoratig, check out this blog. Fabulous. Im inspired daily by it.

Have a Posh Weekend everyone.


  1. Where in TX are you going?

  2. She's beautiful! Great pictures!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my YSL lipstick, I'm pretty much in love with it ;)
    I now follow you back!


  3. Wait! Now you are going to Texas too! OK that's too funny. I hope you have fun at Zara and get some cool things. btw - loving this post w/Emma Stone! Have a great trip! (-:


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