Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not So Mellow Yellow

Hello all!!
The schools internet has been going crazy here so I havent gotten to post.
They should just call it OUTernet here.
get it?



I wanted to post this for sprecial dress Tuesday. It might be not be Tuesday,
but any day is special enough for a dress!!
 Polka Dots have been taking over my life.
My friend D teases me about it.
I wish you could see all the crazy polka dots I have.
Im thinking to do an entire polka dotted outfit just to see what everyone would say.
I feel like it would be tremendous.
And on a side note, Ive realized I never do outfit posts anymore.
Im really sad about it.
Ill have to change that.
Especially, when I wear this ridiculous polka dotted ensemble.

In the meantime, LOOK AT THIS CUTE DRESS!

I adore the sassiness, especially when paired with all of the sassy accessories.
It reminded me of this one that Emma Roberts wore on the cover of Teen Vogue a few years ago.

 I wanted this dress so bad. And they have a black and yellow polka dotted dress at JCP and its AMAZING. Too bad, Im pretty sure its gone. Even online. :[ Sad face.
But it's not just polka dots.
Ive decided Im just in love with yellow dresses, alone.
I cant get enough...

Grandma, you know you'd look smashing in that delicious sun colored frock.
What color are you craving lately?

Powder blue has also been on my mind.
I cant find it anywhere.
But Ive got lots to do and thats another post for another time.

Have a great rest of the week!


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