Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello All

I just am posting to let you all know that while Im at home for break, Im on a limited wireless plan and ive used up all of my alloted MB. And I hateeee posting on this computer. Yuck. SO Ill be posting again on the third. :] Love you all!

And I LOVE screen tees.

And I LOVE fashion illustrations!

 And I LOVE these pictures

And I LOVE This office!

And because I missed special dress tuesday....

Im thinking maybe if I wear a dress this fabulous Ill be more inclined to practice my scales for school.


  1. fabulous post! have a wonderful start to 2011 x

  2. I looove The Kills! And that room is to die for!


  3. Those two shots in the park are very Richard Avedon! I <3 them!


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