Friday, December 17, 2010

Excessories: When is too much ever enough anyway?

Today, I'm going vintage shopping with my grandmother, aunt, and mother. We love to go to this little town by the church my father pastors and spend all day eating at this little southern cafe and shopping in all the little stores. Hopefully they have apple cider because last time I didnt get to buy any to take back to indi with me and I was livid!

Looking at these pictures make me so happy. They dont really have anything to do with one another except for the wonderful fact that they all have something to do with vintage and that makes me happy. And most of them have a lot going on in some way or another. I just love a lot going on. Can't get enough!

I suppose that there was no real point to this post. Isn't that  kind of sad? LOL. At least I'm admitting it. Well take in the pictures like candy my dears, because they are lovely and there will be plenty more. Im going to go get ready and not dally around like I have been all morning and accidentally put my foot in my mouth to the man that I always swear is just my friend until another girl comes around. Dolls, Im not fair LOL!!


P.S. Whats on your Christmas Lists?

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