Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catch Me if You Can

I adore this spread with Leighton. From the tucked bob to the bow blouse to the ballerina braid bun. It inspired me a lot when I first came across it.

Ive found so many inspiring things to post just from past editorials that Im sure Ill be posting multiple posts for days! xx I've really needed a break from life to catch up with fashion and blogging.

There's a whole new look around here and a lot of new thoughts that need to be documented.
The break I took from this blog taught me a lot.
I experienced a lot.
I grew a lot.
I also ate a lot.
too much, in fact.
(P90x here I come) :p
The semester is over for me now, basically.
I still have unfinished business that I will be taking care of when I get back but it can wait for now.

Today I have a load of papers to get done.
How very unglamorous.
: /
womp wompppp.

Ill be back later
Hugs and Kisses

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