Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Awakening


Americana Manhasset Autumn / Winter 2010 look book

(To Be Continued)

Loving this. Im so inspired.
I cant wait for fall.
Some amazing pieces have been making their way into my crammed-full closet.
I have too much to share.
Speaking of which,

 I am pleased to tell you that I am writing from my second week at Indiana Bible College and I love it!! :]
We have to dress up everyday.
You dolls KNOW Im lovin that. :p
But it honestly seems that since Ive gotten here, I have only wanted to dress like a slob.
I cant explain it but Im so frustrated with myself!
Trust me.
I have not dressed like a slob, but when it comes to casual...
Im in t shirts and jean skirts with mix matched colored tanks and hoodies......
On what planet did I allow that to happen?!
And Ive only wanted to be mean. But not seriously mean. Just jokingly mean.
I always say Im just joking too but seriously...
I think im one of the meanest people here.
Ill have to work on this.
No reason to be un-lady like.

But besides all that.
Everything is so great.
I have amazing classes and teachers.
We do student lead devotions in one particular class, and I taught one. :D
I spoke on the power of prayer.
Im on the sign language team
We do bread runs where we take bread to needy families around the community and pray with them if they want.
So much is going on.
I just adore this place.
Thanks to all the follows and comments too.
I just love to read them!
I will get back to them when I stop procrastinating on all my homework and sleep.
Im off to take a nap.
Ill be posting school pics later.
Love you guys.
be blessed!


  1. You are truly an Artist! The nautral eye talent, that is rare
    exceptional & ability to draw in the beauty of fashion. Proud of
    you! So many desire this but donot
    possess it, that is why you are as close as they come to Rachel Zoe
    the fashion icon stylist!!!

    Luv Your Style Madi

    I am a fan!

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