Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving Forward

Hey Loves! Oh how I have definately missed everything in the wonderful world of fashion!
I have alot going on and its definately not easy. I am in a place of transition and I am trying to make it. However, God is always on my side, so I will most definately  more than make it!

Im feeling so ready to take on the world! But part of me feels defeated....like...disappoinment has set in..reality has set in. Time to get over that! Because there are world influencers, world CHANGERS, and world pleasers. I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. I want to be a world CHANGER!

Who are you going to be?

To DO list:
1. Cash Check
2. Pay tithes and offerings
3. buy a dress?? LOL
4. talk myself out of buying something to save money
5. deposit money into bank
6. blazzah blazzah blazzah.
7. clean my room???
8. Read my word
9. spend hours reading blogs
10. make more to do lists

happy tuesday!
Tuesday is my favorite day!
and this is a pathetic excuse for a post but hopefully, the above pep talk will inspire someone as much as it did me.
Good Day, Loves!


  1. nice post - love that last picture (the cigarette behind the ear is a funny touch that I just noticed) :)

  2. Don't feel discouraged - you never know where this crazy life will take you, so just keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride. Put out good karma, and things will work out for you.

  3. I love those photos. It's cool to make to do lists. I know they help me get things done. I hope you've had a great week.

  4. Lovely photos!

    Great blog as well, definitely following you now :)


  5. madicakes you can do anything you set your mind to....dont let anything get in your way and try to push you down....sometimes you just have to encourage yourself and push through! btw love this post b/c we all do feel that way sometimes and glad you put that into light and told yourself you are not going to let your troubles get in the way! :) you can do it! change the world! were supporting you!

  6. Beautiful photos. :)

    Can you please follow my blog?
    I will follow yours :)


    Thank you so much :)

  7. Anonymous23 June, 2010

    Great blog. ''I have definately missed everything in the wonderful world of fashion!'' I love the way you think :-)
    Btw I'm now a follower.

    Feel free to drop by/follow,
    Much blogger love x x x


  8. love the photos!
    lol i make a million to do list each and every single day. even right before i go to sleep. so that i make sure i remember to get things done the next day!!

    and doesnt it make you feel better when you actually cross something out? lol
    anyway, love your blog!

  9. Love the first picture!!

    I'm having another CSN giveaway at my blog, go check it out if you like ;)


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