Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hellooooooo dolls!
I hope all is well in the fashion world..
I made it back from church camp friday morning.
Let me tell you...i am BEAT.
I went to camp running on two weeks of no sleep only to not sleep any all week.
I slept all day friday, worked saturday, got up earrllyy sunday for church, and worked inventory sunday night. Yaayy Me! LOL.
Camp was a blast though.
Ill let you see for yourself.
(L-R) Craig, Aaron, and my brother Trey fistpumping like champs!!! Start down low, boys.
Megan and Bethany, my best girrllsss kept me laughing the ENTIRE time. I dont think I stopped laughing for five minutes.
Maury and I. Kind of funny..He lives down there and is friends with all the people I am. He added me on facebook and I figured, "Well, if I havent met him yet, I will because He's down there"
We started talking for a few months before camp and met in person at camp. He is such a sweetheart!
 I totally sat in dr. pepper at the bowling alley WHILE WEARING A WHITE SKIRT.
If i had any shame, I would have been embarrassed.
Also, if you notice, I am wearing a blue "silly band".
Maury let me wear it and said "Im trustin you with my bracelet. take care of it"
The next night...I broke it..then lost it...
I texted him and said "I have something I have to tell you. I hope youre not mad"
He said "if its my bracelet, its fine :]"
I love that he already knew. haha.
I dont know why but it looks like I have boy junk. hahaha. We laughed for years. :p

This is cole. :] I really started talking to him last year. We call each other peter pan and tinkerbell :]
I love the crazy pictures we took.
*Tee Hee* Whenever I was talking to Maury, Cole was always off to the side watching. Then, whenever I was talking to Cole, Maury was always off to the side watching.
Pretty hilarious this year's theme was circus oriented, because I had juggling skills.
Now meet Hector. :] I love him.
and his lovely sister, susan. I adore her!!
This is Cole with Hannah. She is my vintage buddy! I just love her too!!!
We seem to be the same person.
We both love vintage clothes, and seem to have dated all the same boys. :p
This was at the late night dinner. Every year, afer wednesday night service, they have a late night dinner that is coordinated to the theme of  the camp.
It was so cute. They had unlimited cotton candy, popcorn, funnelcakes, and all sorts of delectable sweets!
My group ate the most Im sure...and had popcorn all over the floor from trying to throw it in each others' mouths like children.
Here is Craig with his smileyface balloon hat. hahaha.

And on the last night...my dear baby brother. :]
We've got style.

And Im taking a littole girl tonight for junior camp! :]
Ive got alot of inspiration to share with you guys!
Ive missed you so much!
Congrats to all the winners at the CFDA awards!

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