Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey, loves. Ive missed you.
Press Play. Look at these beautiful pictures.
It describes everything I feel right now.

Erin Axtell
Vanity Fair Italy
April 2010

Ever feel like youve met some of the most amazing people and the way they make you feel is indescribable?
Yet, you know it cant last. Its not meant to.
Oh *Sigh* Thats me right now, bloggers.
Ive got alot of plans and future to look forward to.
And if I just keep my eye on that, I can make it.
But its so hard to keep focused, when youve got fireworks right in front of you that arent meant for you to watch. to feel.

Gah, listen to me all emotional.
I seem to be like that alot on here.
I just feel real here.
I gotta be strong.

Love is many a splendoured thing, no?
Maybe I dont make sense.


  1. It arrived on time and it was gorgeous!!
    Great pictures!! Love the dress on the last picture!!


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