Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swimmin in Shoppin Bags Every Single Weekend, and if Thats Shallow, I Don't Wanna See the Deep End

Hello, Dolls!
How has your weekend been so far?
Nothing short of fabu I hope!
So I went to see SATC 2...
It was fabulous! I loved it.
However, that is a post all by itself, and I have to dress back up in what I wore and take a picture.
I know, I know. Im a bad blogger! I did think about it all night though.
I just was too busy being so excited, there was no time.
Above is an outfit I wore a few months ago but was too lazy to post.
Geeze, Im becoming an even worse blogger by the second. : P

Now, I know that I have been slacking off quite a bit, but I promise I am back dearies!
I hope you still feel strongly about this blog, as do I.

That being said, I have just had thoughts WHIRLING around in my brain every second about: PERSONAL STYLE and UNIQUE PIECES and HOT MEN.
The last may not be relevant to this blog, but...meh. We'll keep it here. I do have them on the brain quite alot. :] XO
It's so very inspiring to see how people's personal style translates into their outfits-How one great accessory or dress can be interpreted 1,000 different ways! STYLING IS AN ART MY FRIENDS and beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. So today, loves, is a celebration of art. Here's to unique taste!
So get out there and mix it up, no quitter, go getter!
Show me what ya workin with. I love to see.
Maybe ou can be inspired as much as I am by these photographs...

And you know, how could I NOT throw these two into the mix?!

Its time to celebrate!
Have an extremely fabulous weekend.

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