Friday, April 23, 2010

Chasing Pavements

Hey Loves!!! Ive miiisssedd yoouuuu!! How are you all? Great? Wonderful? A dream??
I have been working working working! The Vice President of the company came and I have been preparing the store. I also had a yard sale today. Hoping to have more soon! Im also hoping to be back really soon with alot of cool things. I have alot ideasss :]

Here's what I wore to work when the VP came! You cant see it but my top underneath the blazer is pale yellow. I also have a big blingy brooch <3 :] The jacket totally reminded me of Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2010. I wish you could see the detail. Unfortunately, these were taken with my camera phone. But Ill post some close ups laters. :]


I love life and I love the Lord and I love YOU!
All I want atm is some food, my new vogue, and these balenciaga shoes on a platter!!
Off to do that!
And Thank You to everyone who reads this blog and comments!
You make me smile.
I am grateful to you.
Au Revoir!


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