Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We did it Honey Bee.

Hey babes. Did your weekend rock? AWESOME. Did your monday rock? IM SO SORRY TO HEAR THAT. I havent been sharing much awesome news lately and i dont want you to forgive me. BE MAD. I want you and all your lovers revenge we could BE CAUGHT IN A BAD ROMANCE... ;p  JUST KIDDING. I blew my whole paycheck. Unfortunately. And Ive got pictures of what I put in the layaway because I didnt have anymore money to keep shopping...BUT my phone is being reettaarrddeeddd and Ill have to show them later. Ive got photos from the whole week to share too. And I couldnt find my camera until today, so thats why I didnt post yesterday hah. So, yeah, since there's alot, I'll just let you have a looksie.

(I didnt realize church was starting and I was on the platform playing photoshoot while service was going on wednesday night)
Be Back later, loves.


  1. I have to see that that floral strpless with the victorian shirt underneath is the cutest!!!


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