Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off With Her Head!

Oh, how I wish I were queen. Only if it didnt mean I'd get my head chopped off. Hey, Loves? I believe that if you and I are going to be friends, I NEED to express how much I love Marie Antoinette. This beautiful, delicious movie inspires my brain so much that I cant sit back any longer enjoying it all to myself. Frills, Frills, Frills! Their depiction of Versailles is like...the epitome of what I want my home to look like. Every detail was well thought out and gorgeous.The colour palette for the movie was macarons. Literally...Sofia Coppolla wanted the colour palette to be that of macarons..And Laduree brought in fresh pasteries everyday. They had a pastery stylist for that movie. I would have eaten every.single.one. However, raspberry toaster strudels will have to do for now. :p And now, whatthehey lets just look at some laduree literal eye candy because this post isnt long enough right?


Spring is full of decadent pastels and floral prints that you can see in Marie Anoinette. I canNOT wait! Let it inspire you, ladies!
If you havent seen this movie, I definately recommend you watch it.
Im working on a few Marie inspired looks right now. :]
And BTW, Peonies are beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!
This is all just some jumbled random words with these pictures...but..
I'm just gonna leave you with prettyness overload.


  1. I love all the pastels in these pictures...the green and soft pinks look great...I will definitely have to check out that movie...nice post

  2. Absolutely gorgeous post, darling! Love the costumes and the sweet treats!



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