Monday, March 8, 2010

Monsieur Gaultier, You Rock My World

I went to Target today to try out Jean Paul's line. I was lurking around impatiently as the associates were struggling to put the whole display together. I know they were ready for me to leave, LOL. As for the clothes, I thought they were really cute. At first, I was a tad disappointed. I guess I always expect a little more than whats in the designer lines, because..its top designers. However, it IS target. THEN, I ventured to try on the clothes. The fabrics felt a little cheaper,but they were fun! The black dress fit me so amazingly, I'll confess I stared at myself in it for about 2 minutes before I ventured out of the dressing room to "change out clothes"-when really, I was just showing off how incredible it looked. :p It was really pretty. The yellow dress was also totally adorable. Im definately going to buy it. The red dress is also available in navy blue and white stripes. It's actually a romper..which why Im looking like I dont know what to do in the picture. I like it as a dress better. Maybe add a sparkly brooch and a belt?
The green polka dotted dress was so cute! When I tried it on though, I felt fat...So be careful with the dresses similar to it as well. Hopefully you all wont feel the same way in the dress.
Well, Im off to hang out with my buddy T.J.
What do you think of the collection?

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  1. Oh my gosh I was just talking about this collection with my friend at work!
    you look fab.


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