Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Loving the new Forever 21 site photos! The one with the parasol reminds me of The Glamourai, no? :] I bought a dress from forever 21. It was totally kick butt when i found it and tried it on. I was going to buy a little striped cardigan that was amazing but my friend amos-who works at f21-told me i looked hot,neededa change, and that I had way too many cardigans. He even took the cardigan and put it up away from me. Unfortuantely, when I got home, the dress started to look less appealing. Ive been super exhausted though. My aesthetic and stylish judgement tends to be hindered when Im tired. So Im gonna be looking at the dress again tomorrow morning. Or, this morning I should say. Ill post pictures later. I also have been dying for a red belt. Not just any red belt, though. A stretchyred belt with a unique little clasp/buckle. I scored two-buy one get one free!!! This was at an ok store called forever young. I dont go in there alot, but they always end up having some kind of gem hiding somewhere in the sea of unflattering spandex and glittered ripped up tees. Again, pictures later. Well, you guyssss, I suppose I best go to bed. I wanted to say alot more about alot more important stuff. I justtt cant bringgg myselfff to do it though.


  1. wow, these pictures are fabulous! i'm actually surprised, forever21 is stepping it up! :)
    have you found anything you love from there recently? i should pick up some cheap jewlery...:)


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