Sunday, February 7, 2010

LOVE conquers all!

Hey. Good afternoon you lovely people. Guess what? God loves us all; God is love; and love conquers all! My father preached a beautiful sermon this morning about love. Im so inspired. Love everone. No matter what. Love your enemies. Everyone can love people that love them and can do good for people that do good for them. What a challenge it is though to love the ones who do not love you and do  not do good to you! LOVE NO MATTER WHAT. Its what makes the world go round, no? Jesus died for people who hated Him and changed the world all through LOVE. The most powerful thing it is. :] Ahhh l'amour. If you can do THAT my friends, you can achieve anything! Love everyone. I for one know its hard to love people who have wronged you...but if God loves them and if He loves me..I can love them. Even if you don't believe in God or youre not sure what you can't deny LOVE. <3 And if noone out there loves you..God does and I love you too.

NOW. Here are some pictures Im loving today. :] Let this be an inspiration Sunday! Woohoo! (btdubs, go colts!!)

Aahha. I have a friend who refers to me as B. and I call her S. :] We love this picture!!
I could paint here ALL day and never get tired!
I love the warmth and poise and boldness of this picture!
This lovely room somewhat reflects my design style. I love bright colours and I love luxe mixed with all kinds of textures and patterns.
via The Sartorialist...J'adore! Good Friends are hard to find especially ones that are as stylish as you ;]

Cafe Fashionista is a lovely blog. Snagged this from her. Her writing is so rich and luxurious to read. <3

Look famous
Be legendary
Appear complex
Act easy
Radiate presence
Travel light
See a dream
Prove real.

Most images via coco+kelley

Happy Sunday

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  1. I know there are tons of things to talk about in this post, but I just gotta say that the blonde in the first picture is gorgeous...don't suppose you could get me her number? lol


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