Saturday, February 27, 2010

BOOM! Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now!!

Oh my! I hope everyone is having a wonderfulllllll weekend. Im sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been so busy! I had a girls weekend starting after work last night and it was SO much fun! Filled with classic movies, shopping trips to two malls, tons of sweets, and magazines from Vogue Italia to Glamour UK, this girls weekend was a percect way to end a week of hard work! Its been a while since we have all been together like that...Ah, good times, dolls. :]  And, oh yes! I finally made it to J.Crew!! I got my hands on the perfect jean chambray shirt, and to my dismay, I could not get a dressing room to even try it on!! There were so many people and the associate was acting really weird and ditsy. I'm not knocking associates,btw. I'm an associate..But I knew something was definately up with her when she was walking around in complete circles around the store smiling. I did not let that get me down, though. :]  Here's a couple of snap shots from this weekend off my phone. I look horrible, btw!! I dont know why may hair got all frizzy in this picture...Anyway, Brianna NEEDED a picture with her "B" cup :], whiles't Rachel rocked the utilitarian trend. And that jacket is vintage!!! You can't get much better than that...

And, of course, for good measure..a little eye candy! It might be a taaaadddd old, but I heart this spread. <3

Just what the girls and I have been craving in this crazy,cold memphis weather! One minute, its warm and the next, its rainy and cold! Colour and sparkles needed A.S.A.P! Have a lovely rest of the weekend, darlingsss! You all make me smile so much when I read your comments! Love you guysss "]



  1. you always sound so happy :)

  2. hey hey Madi !! Loving the post... That first pix in blue is a killa && looks like you had loads of fun...


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