Monday, January 11, 2010


It warmed up today.
I went and looked around with my mother at a store called Charming Charlies. With the whole store being color coordinated, it's every O.C.D. person's dream!! LOL.
I found so many amazing finds. I almost broke my resolution and dished out for this bag...50 bucks..

What do you think?
I didnt buy it...but maybe I should go back and hope its there after Valentine's Day?
IDK. My sweet mother bought me an adorable pair of black leather gloves. <3
She's such a good mother. haha. She's my enabler. I promise that woman was holding up a perfect pair of booties and telling me that they were the last pair and that wouldnt be there after tonight. hahaha.
I refrained though from temptation and she told me she was proud of me. :]

Anyway, Ive really been in a photography mood. So much depth and expression can be in a simple picture.
A picture really is worth a thousand words. In my new teen vogue handbook, there is an interview with Patrick Demarchelier and he says "Take pictures. Take lots of pictures. If you don't like a picture, dont throw it out. Study it. Figure out why you don't like it. Learn form your mistakes. Thats how you grow" or something to that effect.
I havent got any pictures to show yet but here are some pictures I love looking at.
The theme with some of these is love. I've been really inspired by love lately. Maybe it's the upcoming holiday that sometimes makes me want to shoot people and sometimes makes me want to sing, or maybe it's that I'm just ready for spring and spring means loveeeeeee. All I've wanted to do was throw on a dress, run away, hop on a motorcycle and escape with a warm breeze blowing through my hair. Something to this effect :]
Enjoy <3

Au revoir, mes amis <3


  1. You look so cute with the blue scarf! Fabulous inspiration pics too!


  2. i love your jacket in this photos! and the bright blue scarf is really cute as well- it gives all the neutrals just the right bit of color. ~joelle


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