Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Decade!

Hope you all have had a wonderful New Years! Kisses all around! *Muah*
I'll be honest...last night was good...but today and yesterday were awful.
Seriously, two of the worst days Ive had in a long time.
BUT that wont get me down! bom chicka bom..
Im a survior!
Im gonna make it!
I will survive! (what!)
Keep on sruvivin!

wicka wicka whaaaaaaat?!

Cause Im totally rad. So I saw.these pictures.of best dressed people.of october 09.on thought these particular looks could have pretty for new years. Yes? No? I personally would have gone out shinier than a disco ball if I could have.

Selena Gomez
where: 6th annual hollywood style awards
wore: notte by marchesa

Camilla Belle
where: rodeo walk of style
wore: marchesa

Chanel Iman                                                                                                
where: GQ's 2009 gentleman's ball                                                                                                               
wore: Raplh Lauren                                                                                                                                   

Alexa Chung                                                                                                                                              
where: 2009 whitney gala                                                                                                                           
wore: azure jeweled minidress                                                                                                                      

Blake Lively
where: where the wild things are premier
wore: marchesa

Evan rachel wood
where: fashion group international's 26th annual night of stars
wearing: gucci

Hayden Panattiere
where: 6th annual hollywood style awards
wore: dennis basso

Pretty pretty. Did anyone watch this? I am sad I missed the ball drop. Fergie looks really pretty. :] And no matter the jokes, I always thought seacrest was cute. *hides*

Also, I came across this...wouldnt it be terrible exciting and romantic to spend New Year's in Paris? Either with a sweetie or finding one underneath the tower to kiss at midnight.
*le sigh* <3

 Here's some more sparkly looks I like. Courtesy of polyvore.

Shimmer by Sanooy featuring Gryphon

And finally. New Years Eve.

I love those two. Megan fixes hair amazingly and she doesnt even have to use a mirror sometimes!
Why do I look drunk? I was at church!

dress geo jeweled headband and tights,f21
shoes and skinny rhinestone headbands, Charlotte
I wish you could see that my shoes had silver studs on them. poo.
I love this picture. Mom and I. Her leather jacket has puff sleeves and black rhinestones around the neck.and it zips. I adore it.

My dad's been preaching a series on the altar and sacrifice and about our sacrifice and our altar today. So, God had him to build a visual altar and Its been excellent. Mother decided though that I was her isaac and I had to be put on the altar. Pastor's kids I guess are the worst, and I had to learn.

bahaha. Love it.
Happy New Year! :] I will post my resolutions soon.


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  1. Love the ending picture, made my dad lol. Keep up the blogging, I love your posts ((: LOVE YOU GIRL!


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