Monday, November 30, 2009

Convention Carazinessss

I wonder who took a picture of THAT?
It was pretty hilarious. Best part, 24 hours! hahaha


These were some of my outfits all week for the conference. We were all kind of disappointed. Noone really went all out like they usually do. Even I was so tired so my hair looked pitiful! Actually, anytime i travel out of town my hair does crap. Its a running joke with my friends. Anyway :] more to come later.

I wore the fur vest on the way up there. I-N-C I believe. Can you see it? shirt, forever21 scarf and boots, charrlotte russe

Blue Jacket, Dots. White ruffle shirt that you cant see, Charlotte Russe. Plaid Skirt, The Limited. Blue Velvet Shoes, Forever21. Black snakeskin clutch, my mom's vintage.

This stupid girl in the ponytail stole my outfit!! and then came and sat in front of me. Thats ok, I looked better.

Dress, Ross. Tights, payless. Flats, Wet seal.

The group thanksgiving morning. you cant really see my outfit. Blue Velvet Jacket, American Eagle. Peach Dress and brown flat leather boots, Charlotte Russe. Bag, cant remember. AJ Wright I think?

I saw this outside and was like...whoah!!

Beanie, Forever21. Navy Blue Cardi, Boots, Charlotte Russe.Dress, some cheap store. Belt, Wet seal.

IN the Next Picture, with my sweetheart friend, Hunter and the other with brandon, I was wearing a mini top hat!! But i dont think you can see it. And I was wearing dark trouser socks over lace tights. My legs arent hairy. Dress, Wet Seal. Tights and Top Hat, Forever 21. Shoes, Charlotte Russe.

This was sunday. I was again so tired. But I had gotten that sweater from Forever 21 at 2 am to start black friday. I couldnt wait to wear it!! :]

Brooch, F21. Dress, f21, skirt and shoes, Charlotte Russe. Clutch, Mom's Vintage Snake Skin.

And now, inspiration.<3  Can you tell why I posted this? LOL. I do love the vnitage gossip girl look.

image, f21.

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  1. love the tiered dress and the sunday outfit! really pretty dresses. :)


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